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Updated Sunday 29th April 2012

 Nick Smith's role in wrecking Palmerston North by forcing the Turitea wind farm on city residents is his enduring, poisonous legacy. A long overdue resignation. Good riddance.
News Flash
Kenderdine shows her true colours as a speaker at the New Zealand Wind Energy Conference in April.
From the conference programme it is clear that Kenderdine has verified the widely held opinion that the Turitea Decision is corrupt, and that as a Judge presiding over the Turitea Wind Farm Board of Inquiry , Kenderdine was in the pocket of the wind industry all along and out to shaft the community here in Palmerston North.
Shonagh Kenderdine (recently retired Environment Court Judge) – Community dynamics and consenting issues
Shonagh Kenderdine's experience includes hearing major wind farm consents. She will share her views on the consenting and community issues that need to be addressed to grow the number of wind farms in New Zealand, and some ideas on potential solutions.
Shonagh Kenderdine will also lead a panel debate on community and consenting issues.

Spot the turbine struck by lightning March 22 2012
Wonthaggi wind farm 

It won't be long before you'll be able to buy one of these ugly, obscenely noisy Moas on Trade Me to put in your garden for a laugh.
Our grandchildren will be keen to buy 'em as a quaint example of how stupid this generation was in trying to humour the Gorons (the windmills turned out more noise than power...and that was only when the wind was 'just right').
Ask the Norwegians about Germany's move to windmills? They are laughing all the way to the bank, since the Krauts have solar as a backup!!!
They have Norway as their serious backup...and are they coining it....right to the top of the GDP per person chart.
Tidal, yes, but maintenance is horrendous, and that's from the get-go. Who knows what it will be later!!
Let's cut all our losses now, before we waste any more on this extinct device.

Electricity prices rise to by up to 10%

Updated at 7:42 pm on 7 February 2012
Electricity consumers are being warned their bills will rise by up to 10% this year as power retailers bear the brunt of upgrades to the national grid.
Grid operator Transpower says the higher charges will come into effect from April, and it says customers should brace themselves for additional electricity increases until 2015, when most of its major projects will be completed.
Transpower is refusing to give a figure for the total expenditure but says the projects are essential to a sustainable power supply.
All power retailers spoken to by Radio New Zealand News say price hikes across the country are inevitable, but the exact amount will be determined on a region-by- region basis later this year.

The Treasury has appointed three investment banks as joint lead managers for the sale of a minority stake in power generator and retailer Mighty River Power.
The companies are First New Zealand Capital / Credit Suisse Australia, Macquarie Capital New Zealand and Goldman Sachs New Zealand
They will be responsible for project management, consultancy, execution and advisory services for the initial public offer (IPO), Treasury said.
The Treasury has also appointed Bell Gully as its legal advisor.
The Government has said it expects to proceed with the sale of up to 49 per cent of the company later this year.

Meridian Energy has withdrawn plans to build a $2 billion wind farm on the Lammermore Range in Central Otago.
Otago painter and Project Hayes opponent Grahame Sydney says it was never appropriate to build a wind farm on such an outstanding natural landscape.
Now would it be too much to ask that Mighty River Power act responsibly and tear up the corrupt Turitea Decision, which ruins Palmerston North's environment , landscape and the property values of hundreds of city ratepayers?

Greens link decision to privatisation

The Green Party is suggesting the decision to quit the wind farm project might be connected to plans to partly privatise it.
The Government plans to sell up to 49% stakes in Meridian Energy, as well as Mighty River Power, Genesis Energy and Solid Energy.
Greens energy spokesman Gareth Hughes told Summer Report that Meridian's decision might be connected to the privatisation plans.
He said a $2 billion project that had dragged on for years would have caused investor uncertainty.
Mr Hughes said the decision showed the need for good Resource Management Act processes.
"The risk of fast-tracking, which is what we're seeing under the current government, is that these projects might go ahead without people actually getting a say."
Is this the NZWEA's idea of a joke?
New Zealand Wind Energy Association chief executive Eric Pyle said the decision was a "positive move" that showed the industry was learning more about the best location for wind farms. 

Wind-power: inordinately expensive and ineffective at cutting CO2 emissions

Energy experts warn that unwarranted support for wind-power is hindering genuinely cleaner energy

Kenderdine and her sycophants,  David BuntingJohn HudsonChris ShentonRichard Heerdegen, sacrificed Palmerston North to the ETS. They were paid not to understand the climate system. Here is a video that addresses all of the main issues. Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair.
Catastrophe Denied: The Science of the Skeptics Position (studio version) from Warren Meyer on Vimeo.

Ever wondered why our Fairfax owned local newspaper won't report on either the demolition of global warming or the corruption surrounding the Turitea wind farm disaster? - simple really as they have a vested interest, Fairfax Media owns 1/3 rd of "Earth Hour" More on this scam HERE and HERE

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Kenderdine's kangaroo court - David Bunting, John Hudson, Chris Shenton, Richard Heerdegen -.was told explicitly of the danger to the reserve and nearby plantation forests of turbines on fire, did these arrogant, very well paid, yes men listen? Nope - its all about carbon credits - see the liabilities NZ faces - Climate scammers and rent seekers are drooling . Did these gutless fools not realise that the price of carbon has collapsed? Canada pulls the plug on Kyoto Palmerston North has been sacrificed to the ETS scam, although the lunatics in Durban will be nowhere near satisfied with that little rort. Today's photo is a turbine on fire in Scotland 8/12/2011
Source the BBC

Marc Morano of joins The Corbett Report to talk
 about the latest from the world of crimatology. We explore Climategate 2.0,
 the massive release of emails that once again demonstrates the brazenly 
anti-scientific actions of the scientists at the heart of the IPCC. 
We also discuss the latest “fun in the sun” climate conference, COP17 in Durban, 
which Morano will be attending next week.Listen:                  Play in new window | Download

Is Kenderdine here gazing into the bloody great hole she dug for herself with the Turitea decision?
Electricity demand falls off a cliff.

New book on the IPCC
“…shines a hard light on the rotten heart of the IPCC” – Richard Tol, Professor of the Economics of Climate Change and convening lead author of the IPCC
IPCC a front for the WWF, click for video.

Internationally renowned sculptor Paul Dibble has just given Palmerston North a $90,000 parting present.
Dibble said he has always thought the huia should be part of the symbol for Palmerston North.
"It makes more sense than bloody windmills," he said.

Procedure in the Environment Court
  • ensure the just treatment of all litigants;
  • maintain public confidence in the Court

The big question is "has Judge Shonagh Kenderdine upheld the above stated aims meant to guide the Environment Court?" 
Submitters on examining the final decision are discovering a slew of serious errors which bring into question the validity of the decision and the competency of the Board of Inquiry.
Christopher Booker has been writing some great stuff on the UK's wind energy policies. See here and here. In that country there's an ugly class dimension to the debate. Poor people (including fixed-income seniors) are paying significantly more to keep themselves warm as a direct result of green energy policies. What happens to the extra money? It ends up in the pockets of the land-owning aristocracy - see here. (Backup links herehere, and here.)
These kinds of news stories are crucially important. Two years ago scant media coverage of renewable energy was negative in tone. It was primarily pie-in-the-sky, fantasy stuff. Reality, though, is finally starting to break through.

Latest from the MFE.
The Board of Inquiry for the Turitea Wind Farm Proposal  Final Report and Decision  6 September 2011.

Unsurprisingly, apart from tweaking a few conditions, the final decision issued by Judge Shonagh Kenderdine is little changed from the draft decision. This is a sorry day for NZ. A retired judge has endorsed turning the Tararua Ranges into a modern day version of Magnitogorsk, running roughshod over PN residents and banning the Pahiatua fault line, right under the wind farm, from a "rupture". 
NB Magnitogorsk stood at the forefront of Joseph Stalin's Five-Year Plans in the 1930s. It was a showpiece of Soviet industrial "achievement."

The Press says the Historic Places Trust is being labelled as gutless as heritage buildings are demolished under orders by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery 27/11/2011

 Shonagh Kenderdine now works for the New Zealand Historic Places Trust

Kenderdine is at the pinnacle of opinion in Australasia representing a public which sincerely believes this nonsense:

53% believe climate change causes tsunamis
40% believe climate change causes earthquakes
37% believe climate change causes volcanic eruptions
93% think CO2 constitutes more than 1% of the atmosphere
47% think CO2 is ‘pollution’
37% think we should try to reduce carbon in the body
44% think food and drink would be safer if it had no carbon or CO2 in it

Read it for yourself - click here.
This website will remain online as a testimony to the arrogance and stupidity of the New Zealand Government, Palmerston  North City Council and its lackeys. 

Breaking news
The CERN CLOUD experiment confirms the sun as the main  driver of climate change, warming / cooling cycles

Al Gore, the fraudulent prophet of thermogeddon, which wind farms are supposed to prevent, goes on a rant as his popularity plummets.

Warning to the Puketoi community
Mighty River Power's rampant tentacles have spread from Turitea to the
Puketoi range
Mighty River Power's claims of partnering and working with the communities
in which they operate did not happen at Turitea, where they could no longer
disguise the wolf in a sheepskin.
Beware, they are a rampant and ruthless SOE
MRP lodges its application, as with Turitea it is full of holes.

"Until you have a way to store energy generated by wind and solar you have to
back them up with something. The best analogy I have come across is, Wind
energy isn't like riding your bike to work and leaving your car in the
driveway. It's like riding your ultra expensive bike to work and having
someone follow you in your car for when you get tired. Which is about 70% of
the time since wind turbines usually ony run at about 30% of their name
plate capacity."

Don't believe the lies.

A major shift in public opinion is taking place as can be seen from this online poll.

Do you believe scientists' warnings over climate change-related extreme weather?


15064 votes, 32.7%


30945 votes, 67.3%

Total 46009 votes

Related story:  Scientists give chilling warnings on climate

What Salby found though, was nothing like what was expected
The largest increases year-to-year occurred when the world warmed fastest due to El Nino conditions. The smallest increases correlated with volcanoes which pump dust up into the atmosphere and keep the world cooler for a while. In other words, temperature controls CO2 levels on a yearly time-scale, and according to Salby, man-made emissions have little effect.
The climate models assume that most of the rise in CO2 (from 280 ppmv in1780 to 392 ppmv today) was due to industrialization and fossil fuel use. But the globe has been warming during that period (in fact since the depths of the Little Ice Age around 1680), so warmer conditions could be the reason that CO2 has been rising.
Salby does not dispute that some of the rise in CO2 levels is due to man-made emissions, but found that temperature alone explains about 80% of the variation in CO2 levels.
The up and coming paper with all the graphs will be released in about six weeks. It has passed peer review, and sounds like it has been a long time coming. Salby says he sat on the results for six months wondering if there was any other interpretation he could arrive at, and then, when he invited scientists he trusted and admired to comment on the paper, they also sat on it for half a year. His speech created waves at the IUGG conference, and word is spreading.
A book will be released later this year: Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate.

The wind farm is all about exploiting carbon trading, but carbon trading has collapsed internationally.

The issues are clear cut. The wind farm does not meet RMA guidelines. It is right on the Wellington fault line. It uses a fraudulent noise standard. It is founded on a contractual arrangement with PNCC which blatantly and arrogantly flouts democratic principles and human rights. It seeks to impose massive invasive infrastructure which was deliberately never aired at the hearings. There are many other issues, but these alone are more than enough to scupper the project outright. The 20 working days to finalise a decision have now been passed TWICE.


David Bunting, member of the Board of Inquiry, a trained engineer, has been a party to the provisional approval of this wind farm right on the Wellington fault line. 

David Bunting

David Bunting is a civil engineering graduate from Canterbury University. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand. He has been a board member of the Institution of Professional Engineers, the Engineers Registration Board and the Chartered Professional Engineers Council. Prior to his appointment as an Environment Commissioner, he was international manager and then business development manager for Opus International Consultants. He has extensive experience of physical infrastructure development projects in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and many developing countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Bitter complaints from the Japanese

Our neighbours across the ditch have had enough

Poff and the Loves don't give a toss about their neighbours any more than Mighty River Power - they want a "mad world" to stuff their bank accounts.

So why are we waiting??

Manawatu Standard online poll results 11/7/2011
A powerful and telling public response. Remember the "yes" votes are from wind farmers, and their motley hangers on, with their snouts in the trough.

Should Mighty River Power be given consent to squeeze an extra 12 turbines into its proposed Turitea Wind Farm?


108 votes, 23.0%


341 votes, 72.7%

Don't care

20 votes, 4.3%

Total 469 votes

Related story:  Turitea wind farm inquiry 'a farce'

If all else fails
One can only hope that Turitea Board of Inquiry members, Judge Shonagh Kenderdine,  Richard Heerdegen, John Hudson, David Bunting, Chris Shenton, are keeping up with the flood of new and vital information regarding wind farms.

A very strong warning from across the Tasman
After reading the above, Joseph Poff's claim in his submission to be suffering from depression is possibly caused by wind turbine syndrome, the 
result of living near the Te Rere Hau wind farm.

Some key issues
Submitters have been denied meaningful photomontages of turbines and infrastructure, ie substations and  transmission lines, relative to the areas where they live, for 5 years. Noise expert, Dr Bob Thorne, in his submission ( Adams, John )draws attention to the fact that it is unheard of for an applicant to design the noise conditions it will adhere to, let alone a Judge and Board knowingly condoning turbines which they know will not comply. The ( clickable ) view above from the centre of the city has not been updated by either the Board or MRP.

Submissions sent to MFE by 20th June now available.
What should be the final opposing submissions, accessible below, are in our opinion, the death of this utterly shonky process and the scandalous Turitea wind farm. They are detailed, compelling, comprehensive and professional. 

 On the other hand, greedy wind farmer aspirants, Joseph Poff and John and Kathy Love, make unbelievable gaffs and own goals in their ridiculous rent seeking missives to the Board. The Loves go to absurd lengths to make "their" turbines invisible to their neighbours, suggesting everything other than turning them upside down. Poff, as he has in the past, makes nasty, personal attacks on his neighbours, then feigns horror that his reputation is under attack.

We believe the submissions are only here because of  pressure applied to the MFE. MFE promised to send submitters an email with a link to the submissions. This was not done until Thursday the 30th June. 

No one with an ounce of integrity would sign off  this wind farm, not withstanding it is right on the Wellington fault line. 

PNCC to make itself look like it is abiding by the notorious  CONTRACT  it signed with MRP, gave its submission, ( yes, you read that right! ) to MRP to comment on BEFORE the due date. This potentially gives MRP the opportunity to re-litigate this indefensible project.

A potential tragedy has become a complete farce.

Submitters appearing before the Board of Inquiry.

Heffernan telling porkies, a typical MRP 
approach to being socially responsible

Dr Heffernan is on record as extolling the virtues of geothermal, i.e.
"operates 24/7 so that it is not dependent on the climate like the wind".

In this interview Dr Heffernan claims that the Ngatamariki geothermal project
"will be funded off our balance sheet".
Why does this same business capability not extend to the Turitea wind farm
in light of MRP's bleating about viability?

In his submission Mr Henry's statements on the importance of wind generation
to MRP's energy portfolio are inconsistent with the virtues of geothermal
extolled by Dr Heffernan.

Where is this rampant and whingeing SOE coming from?  8th June 2011 Radio New Zealand interview below.

Renewables like wind don't cut the mustard according to MRP

The Social and Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms 23 June 2011
Mighty River Power hands out $3 million in bonuses to its executives working hard to screw  Palmerston North ratepayers.
It's only our money, after all

So this wind farm will "save" the planet? You 
might want to rethink that.

Big story breaking all over the net

CLICK to listen to Alan Jones and John Mclean about climate change and the Galileo movement, inc. what John Mclean has to say about the IPCC and the way they work.

 I think ALL of the CO2 in the Earth's Atmosphere is from man.
 I'm not sure how much "Man Made" CO2 is in the Earth's Atmosphere.
 There is .04% CO2 in the Earth's Atmosphere and of that "Man" has added an extra 4% (1 part in 62,500)
skip to results

Greenpeace scandal breaking

Tidal energy, leaving wind for dead.
So this wind farm will "save" the planet? You 
might want to rethink that.
Big story breaking all over the net
Turitea wind speeds are higher than Makara. We live here, we know, but do they listen? Just wait until the Makara warranties run out.

Memorandum from the BOI. Looks like everything is being done to capitulate to MRP's demands. PNCC is asked to comment on the wind farm when there is a secret contract in place requiring PNCC to agree with everything MRP does and not to oppose, or face a $3 million dollar penalty. Click the link below for the memorandum. 

Public Statement
Is MRP desperate to have a consented wind farm of 216MW on its books for the SOE sell off?
(We believe it is a book asset only because, who in their right mind would build a wind farm on a fault line).

If so, MRP would be wise to avoid further delay by negotiating buy outs for properties where consent conditions will not comply rather than arrogantly
trampling on residents.

Alternatively, MRP could withdraw from this ill-fated proposal which has become an albatross around its neck and recover its costs from PNCC, which presumably it can do under the bizarre wind farm agreement.

 Has a behind the scenes deal been done between PNCC and MRP, now that there are in fact two wind farms? We strongly suspect a further amendment to the original secret contract has been made and the Board of Inquiry may be aware of this.
  Have the directors read MRP's arrogant response to the draft decision? Are the directors aware that MRP is screwing nearby residents and MRP is not living up to its mantra of being there for communities and the communities they operate in?
 Mighty River Power Directors
 Joan Withers, Chair and also past CEO of FairfaxNZ Trevor Janes, Dr. Michael Allen, Prue Flacks, Jon Hartley, Sandy Maier, Parekawhia McLean, Tania Simpson, Keith Smith.

While MRP arrogantly pursues an imbecilic wind farm inside a city boundary what are its competitors up to ? 

Contact Energy gets the 168-turbine, 504MW Hauauru ma raki coastal wind farm consented and has significant geothermal projects in the pipeline. 
 Genesis with its 286 turbine, 858MW Castle Hill wind farm in a remote area of the Wairarapa is making steady progress.
John Maassen legal counsel for PNCC said he was "over the moon with the
Draft Decision". Because Maasseen is legal counsel for PNCC does this mean
PNCC was over the moon also?? Was Masseen the legal counsel advising PNCC on the wind farm agreement, or did PNCC act without legal advice??

Some key points made by those opposing.

The consented wind farm is on a known, very dangerous, active fault line.
Earthquake fault lines
The secret contract between MRP and PNCC driving the process is dubious.
A $3 million  penalty hangs over PNCC if it helps ratepayers affected by the project. PNCC is legally bound to give every assistance to MRP and to not oppose.

Serious traffic issues are unresolved 

The Board of Inquiry has released its draft report and decision on the Turitea Wind Farm Proposal.

Submitters are saying the draft decision is riddled with inaccuracies and inconsistencies, makes serious omissions, provides no clear evidence as to why particular decisions are made, shows clear bias towards the applicant, fails to follow RMA guidelines, follows a predetermined politically driven course of action, ignores natural justice and legal  precedents, ignores blatantly obvious geological risks, breaks a legal covenant to protect endangered species, turns a blind eye to perjury, ignores the Code of Practice for expert witnesses, fails to discuss openly secret MOU's, hides infrastructure considerations from those most affected, allows turbines to cast shadow flicker and potentially debris over a state highway, fails to remove turbines dominating many properties, ignores advice from highly qualified noise and landscape experts, without naming, insults a submitter, makes a gratuitous insult against an expert witness, repeats a lie about the location of the wind farm, creates two wind farms, which by rights need a separate and new resource consent application, and that's just for starters  .........


Mighty River Power’s Comments on the Draft Decision and Report

MRP basically attacks Judge Kenderdine for not giving it all it wanted, demands the hearings be reopened, sets the scene for forcing the dubious contract with PNCC to be given full force, demands that, contrary to RMA guidelines, economic considerations are all that matter. Basically, stuff the residents and the environment.

MRP appears to have no concerns with serious traffic issues either. Is this the  SOE which "works with communities?" Kahuterawa residents who have submitted are up in arms about this.

So what will MRP be worth when it is up to 49% privatised after the election? Investors will certainly mark it down as they won't want a bar of non performing "assets" such as wind farms.
Why doesn't MRP just walk away? Is this all about putting a wind farm on their books?

Submitter Comments on the Draft Decision and Report

NB: The "rent seekers" are  Haack, Love, Ngawai farm (Waters) and Poff.

A real gem is found in Haack's submission where he states

"  My main concern is the removal of two of wind turbines(WT95  WT96) from the proposal. These were going to mean that I had a part share in the income from these with my neighbour and therefore would mean that the income from my small farming operation would be augmented and I would be able to pay my mortgage a bit easier. It may mean that I will need to sell the property, although this is now very difficult with the drop in values due to the encroaching turbines from the other sites. I’m gutted."

Now read his submission for a few more "own goals"  Well done Nev!

Approximately  660 submitters, virtually all opposing the wind farm, have not submitted this time round, as they have been lulled into a false sense of security, believing the wind farm will never be built.

PNCC, on the other hand, having been derelict in its duty towards those it is by law meant to serve, is running scared, and is trying to "use" the Judge to escape from a certain lawsuit.

Submitter Comments on the Draft Decision and Report

Submitter NameSubmitter Number
Adams, John (PDF, 1.29 MB)
Adams, Rosemary (PDF, 2.31 MB)
Adams, Timothy (PDF, 102 KB)
Haack, Neville (PDF, 68 KB)
Harker, Helen (PDF, 930 KB)
Harker, Richard (PDF, 33 KB)
Huatau Marae (PDF, 1.58 MB)
Huffman, Lee and Devey, Graham (PDF, 1.48 MB)317 & 664
Lang, Janet and Steve (PDF, 939KB)
Love, John and Kathy (PDF, 698 KB)
Malone, Kate and Mark (PDF, 147 KB)
McBride, Mark and Tania (PDF, 298 KB)
168 & 169
686, 87, 537
Monaghan, Diana (PDF, 43 KB)
Ngawai Farm (PDF, 220 KB)
Poff, Joseph (PDF, 1.40 MB)
Pringle, Doug (PDF, 3.91 MB)
Pugmire, Sue (PDF, 36 KB)
Pugmire, Ralph (PDF, 35.1KB)
383 & 319
Scott, Joanna (PDF, 99 KB)298
Scott, Wayne (PDF, 70 KB)
Sharpe, Peter and Kim (PDF, 123 KB)
Shilton, Andrew (PDF, 224 KB)
Stichbury, Paul (PDF, 981 KB)
Stichbury, Po King (PDF, 17 KB)
Tyler, Malcolm (PDF, 196 KB)
Vanderpoel, Joy (PDF, 793 KB)
Voelkerling, Rex (PDF, 20 KB)
Wheeler, John (PDF, 69 KB)

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