Palmerston North the sacrificial victim for Kyoto.

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Turitea call-in questioned .

By KATIE CHAPMAN - Manawatu Standard


Environment Minister Nick Smith's decision to call-in the Turitea Wind Farm proposal is being questioned after official documents revealed the proposal failed to meet most of the criteria.
In December last year, Dr Smith called-in Mighty River Power's consent application because it was "nationally significant".
But information obtained by the Manawatu Standard under the Official Information Act undermines Dr Smith's reasoning.
The documents reveal the Kyoto Protocol was used to justify the call-in of the Turitea Wind Farm after it failed to meet other national significance criteria. And Dr Smith said the decision to call-in the application was "consistent" with changes he plans to make to the Resource Management Act.
The documents include a list of criteria for national significance, with an Environment Ministry staff assessment of how the Turitea project rates.
The breakdown was given to Dr Smith before he made his decision, and shows the project fits only two of the eight criteria: that it is in more than one district, and it is "likely to affect, or is relevant to New Zealand's international obligations to the global environment".
In most other categories staff judged the Turitea Wind Farm to be locally but not nationally significant.
Palmerston North Mayor Jono Naylor said the ministry's report reinforced what the council had argued since the call-in issue was first raised it was a local issue that should be decided locally.
"The Ministry for the Environment staff, in that report, are merely confirming what we've been saying all along."
The decision to call the project in was a political one, motivated by the National Government's push to change the RMA, he said.
"I don't question for a moment that we are the guinea pigs for this process.
"The new government ... has said before the election they were going to bring legislative changes to the Resource Management Act. This was an opportunity for them to try out their new process."
Dr Smith is out of the country and was unable to be contacted yesterday.
But, in a memorandum to Cabinet informing it of his intention to call-in the project, he said the decision was motivated by the RMA changes.
"The call-in is consistent with my intention to amend the RMA to provide for priority consents for larger-scale infrastructure."
A spokesman for Dr Smith said call-ins were at the minister's discretion, and only he could explain his decision-making process.


Note: This is a total disgrace. The minister has joined in a conspiracy against the city.

This is a world first, a city, its water supply, its last remaining bush reserve with rare and endangered native
fauna and flora, its skyline, property and amenity values, indeed its very future, sacrificed to the god of global

Kyoto has been an abject failure and a pointless exercise as the planet continues to cool after what has turned out to be a mild, cyclical warming. Would Smith be willing to sacrifice Nelson city in this way? Not on your life. The tofu munching greenies down there would string him up on the cathedral steps.

And where is Simon Power, Minister for SOE's and MP for the Turitea area ? Is he toadying to Smith or a partner in this conspiracy against the city ? Could it be that this whole call-in process was a ploy to get the ball rolling for the changes they planned to the RMA? Steve Maharey , who has privately stated his opposition to the Turitea wind farm, didn't raise any objections in public. Is it that he didn't want to jeopardise his exit from politics to his uber high paying position at Massey University?

Mendacity, a sinister, infectious pandemic.

After lying about his reasons for calling in
the Turitea wind farm Smith finally comes clean, 29/4/09. Its all about Kyoto (meanwhile the price of carbon is collapsing along with the global economy). The city's future is to be carbonised on the say so of just one person. No government here has kept the Treaty of Waitangi but this government
will ride roughshod over anyone in its way to suck up to a deeply flawed treaty which basically declares war on a New Zealand community. This is the penultimate chapter in a process riddled with corruption. The Board of Enquiry has been appointed by Smith to get the job done. Let's see if they have what it takes to stand up to him. Will this turn out to be a latter day version of a 1930's Stalinist show trial, where anyone who opposes "The People's Wind Farm" is an "enemy of the people?" Lets hope not, but the Minister for Destroying the Environment has set the scene by removing fundamental democratic checks and balances.
See the 4th comment in this post for the story in the Manawatu Standard, or click this link:

No wind farm in New Zealand has ever had a cost/benefit analysis done. The curbs on CO2 emissions through the ETS, if enacted in New Zealand "might" have an impact on temperatures of just one ten thousandth of a degree celsius, cripple the country's economy and add a punitive annual imposition on each NZ household of approximately $2,500. ( Professor Bob Carter in evidence given to the select committee reviewing the ETS)
Temperatures are continuing to drop. This image is from Professor Ian Plimer's book Heaven and Earth published by Connor Court.Plimer is emeritus professor of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne. His book, just published, is flying off the shelves. For a video interview click here.

Environment Minister Smith may buy into global warming hysteria but the public doesn't. Global warming ranks dead last.

For the full Pew Research survey results click this link.

Wind farms will devastate the countryside pointlessly. James Lovelock

Journalist and author Ian Wishart's new book is titled Air Con and argues that man made climate change is in fact a myth.

Video interview here,

and here.

NewsTalk ZB Recommending Air Con.
18 /2 / 2009


It's all right folks ,
we're here to "help."

See the second comment below for the editorial in the Manawatu Standard. 24/4/09

Our neighbours across the ditch are waking up. Click either this link or read the third comment in this post.

Intriguing differences between glaciers in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. New Zealand researchers are undermining climate alarmism. 2/4/09. See the 5th comment in this post.


So how much carbon can you actually save ?( if that is an issue for you ). Click this link to find out the truth.

Green jobs? Be careful what you wish for. The only beneficiaries are the "rent seekers." A billion dollars, destroying the eastern section of the city, will result in just 10-15 permanent jobs.

Comment number 6 in this post is a review from the Australian of Professor Plimer's land mark book exposing global warming for what it is, a mass delusional scam whose time is up.

See comments 7,8 and 9 in this post where a professional, Sean Cox, shreds the noise evidence of shills for the wind farm industry, Black and Hegley.
or go here.

Comments 10 and 11 examine the behaviour of the climate industrial complex acting as "rent seekers" doing their utmost to profit from climate alarmism. The article is from the Wall Street Journal , May 22, 2009, which can also be accessed here.

The wind farm is sinking Palmerston North property values – these March statistics are from QV New Zealand.There is much worse to come.

Auckland Region


New Plymouth

Palmerston Nth



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Wellington Rgn



These are facts you can't argue against and Palmerston North property owners have PNCC and Mighty River Power, a commercial arm of the Government, to thank as the country heads into what could turn out be a protracted depression. The year on year decline in real estate values is even more telling when you consider that the city is strategically located as a transport hub, has a university, an International College, two military bases and a variety of research centres.
Wind power is a complete disasterPosted: April 08, 2009, 7:29 PM by NP Editor
By Michael J. Trebilcock

There is no evidence that industrial wind power is likely to have a significant impact on carbon emissions. The European experience is instructive. Denmark, the world’s most wind-intensive nation, with more than 6,000 turbines generating 19% of its electricity, has yet to close a single fossil-fuel plant. It requires 50% more coal-generated electricity to cover wind power’s unpredictability, and pollution and carbon dioxide emissions have risen (by 36% in 2006 alone). Flemming Nissen, the head of development at West Danish generating company ELSAM (one of Denmark’s largest energy utilities) tells us that “wind turbines do not reduce carbon dioxide emissions.” The German experience is no different. Der Spiegel reports that “Germany’s CO2 emissions haven’t been reduced by even a single gram,” and additional coal- and gas-fired plants have been constructed to ensure reliable delivery.Indeed, recent academic research shows that wind power may actually increase greenhouse gas emissions in some cases, depending on the carbon-intensity of back-up generation required because of its intermittent character. On the negative side of the environmental ledger are adverse impacts of industrial wind turbines on birdlife and other forms of wildlife, farm animals, wetlands and viewsheds.Industrial wind power is not a viable economic alternative to other energy conservation options. Again, the Danish experience is instructive. Its electricity generation costs are the highest in Europe (15¢/kwh compared to Ontario’s current rate of about 6¢). Niels Gram of the Danish Federation of Industries says, “windmills are a mistake and economically make no sense.” Aase Madsen , the Chair of Energy Policy in the Danish Parliament, calls it “a terribly expensive disaster.” The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported in 2008, on a dollar per MWh basis, the U.S. government subsidizes wind at $23.34 — compared to reliable energy sources: natural gas at 25¢; coal at 44¢; hydro at 67¢; and nuclear at $1.59, leading to what some U.S. commentators call “a huge corporate welfare feeding frenzy.” The Wall Street Journal advises that “wind generation is the prime example of what can go wrong when the government decides to pick winners.”
Click this link for the full story and some perceptive and professional comments..
Michael J. Trebilcock is Professor of Law and Economics, University of Toronto. These comments were excerpted from a submission last night (7/4/09) to the Ontario government’s legislative committee On Bill 150.
More people are waking up to what has been happening to the "climate", see this link submitted to this website by a very concerned city resident.
Viscount Monckton a world authority on climate change has set a scientific standard that alarmists can not rebut.
On March 25th 2009, Christopher Monckton gave testimony before the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce. That testimony gave rise to a letter to both Democrat Ed Markey and Republican Joe Barton, members of the committee. The letter has been posted here,
and is essential reading for all decision makers, in particular the Turitea Board of Enquiry. To claim that this wind farm will influence climate change is simply nonsense spouted by " rent seekers" exploiting the public's scientific and technological ignorance.
But wait there's more!
Scientists at Singapore's Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) have succeeded in unlocking the potential of carbon dioxide – a common greenhouse gas – by converting it into a more useful product. ( NB: Water vapor constitutes Earth's most significant greenhouse gas, accounting for about 95% of Earth's greenhouse effect - CO2 is insignificant, see
In the international chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie, the IBN researchers report that by using organocatalysts, they activated carbon dioxide in a mild and non-toxic process to produce methanol, a widely used industrial feedstock and clean-burning biofuel. 16/4/09
There is a problem with "green" jobs.
Green Stimulus Money Costs More Jobs Than It Creates, Study Shows, April 13, 2009 By Josiah Ryan, Staff Writer

( - Every “green job” created with government money in Spain over the last eight years came at the cost of 2.2 regular jobs, and only one in10 of the green jobs created became a permanent job, says a new study released this month that also draws parallels with the green jobs programs of the Obama administration.
Click this link for the full story. (also posted as a comment - New Zealand is about to make the same mistake here with Turitea disaster if it is approved )

Cost of renewable energy soars
at the same time as more cheap gas reserves are discovered in NewZealand.
See the second comment below for the report by Garry Sheeran published 12/4/09 in the
Sunday Star Times.
Building plans outrage
A council decision to grant a resource consent to a developer, involving land termed "undevelopable", could see neighbouring residents lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on their property value
PNCC really looks after its citizens. If people think this is bad news for the real estate market, just wait until the turbines go up. Check out this link, which is also posted as the third comment.