Turitea fraud and corruption - an unprecedented situation.

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Submissions on the Draft Decision have now closed. We will post summaries and links this week. A preliminary look at a number of submissions from both sides indicates that the Draft Decision is open season for both opposers and supporters.

What the Board of Inquiry ignores.

Trailer of new documentary exposing the global warming scare used to justify the wind farm. Release due in June.
Update on Kahuterawa traffic issues.
Mighty River Power met with a group of residents on the 19th of April to confirm a traffic plan for the southern end of the wind farm. Despite instructions from Judge Kenderdine for PNCC to be involved no one from the council fronted. Residents expressed their deep concerns about thousands of truck movements impacting on their currently peaceful existence and in particular the potential for serious injury and or death for residential and recreational users. Local landowners at the meeting who stand to benefit from the wind farm showed no such concern, but their voice was a small minority. The meeting was inconclusive and Mighty River Power showed great reluctance when a further meeting was requested to properly discuss safety issues.
  • Why did PNCC not appear?
  • Is it anything to do with the contract between PNCC and Mighty River Power?
  • Does this mean PNCC has unlimited financial exposure to Mighty River Power?
  • Has it changed from being a willing landlord?
Further important questions
  • 1. How much money has PNCC paid for legal fees to do with the Change in purpose of the Turitea reserve through to the present wind farm hearing?
  • 2. Is it correct that legal advice, amounting to big money, has considered all possibilities down stream?
  • 3.If that is the case why has PNCC ended up in the present predicament,i.e. sacrificing a popular recreational and cycling area for wind farm construction while at the same time promoting safe cycling?
City ratepayers will be shocked to see what our council has done.
It has made a pact with the devil, which destroys the environment, compromises the city’s water supply and ruins the amenity and property values of a large number of residents. The city already has an unsustainable debt and with this Mafia like contract it could get much, much worse. Note: the section of the contract quoted below was taken from the public record of the Board of Enquiry hearings.

Ratepayers thrown to the dogs by PNCC in a secret agreement signed by Wylie and Manson.
“10.1 Council to support
The Council agrees in its capacity as landowner( and subject to clause 17.2) to :
(a) Support any application by Mighty River for the grant, renewal. Variation or continuation of any Consent necessary to give effect to Mighty River’s rights under this Agreement including consent for the lease;
(b) Support Mighty River’s negotiations with Adjacent Owners, as requested by Mighty River; and
(c) Provide such written evidence of this support (and any consent or approval) as Mighty River may reasonably require.”

10.2 Council not to oppose.
The Council agrees in its capacity as landowner (and subject to clause 17.2) that it will not, either directly or indirectly:
(a) object to, oppose or impede
(1) any application by Mighty River for the grant, renewal, variation or continuation of any Consent necessary to give effect to Mighty River's rights under this agreement, including without limitation a subdivision consent for the lease;
(11) any action taken by Mighty River to give effect to Mighty River's rights under this Agreement; or
(111) the granting to Mighty River of any lease, restrictive covenant or easement necessary for the Wind Farm Project or the Investigation; or
(B) fund, facilitate or promote any person, entity or group to take any action that would be in breach of this clause 10 if done by Council.
12.2 D “The liability of Council (other than in its statutory capacity) for breach of this contract or for any negligent act or omission shall be limited to $3,000,000 in aggregate during the term of this Agreement. This limitation of liability shall not apply to deliberate acts or omissions of Council that breach this Agreement.”
(Emphasis added)
This mafia like contract is now in the public domain
NB: Clauses 17.3 and 17.4 relate to the need to maintain secrecy.
The local Government Act 2002

Purpose of local government
  • The purpose of local government is—
    • (a) to enable democratic local decision-making and action by, and on behalf of, communities; and

Spread the word in the city. Can we rely on the local media to report on this issue?

One by one they fall.

1/ Architect of this disaster, Paul Wylie, former city CEO, fled the scene to Nelson, where, if these articles are anything to go by, has made himself extremely unpopular.
2/ Heather Tanguay, former Mayor, darling of the extreme left but totally captured by the right, was defeated when her involvement in the wind farm was exposed. Tanguay who loved to lecture ratepayers on "global warming"
Apparently extending her carbon footprint to Machu Picchu
Her replacement, Naylor, is now struggling, with his support for the wind farm and election funding from the wind farm lobby coming back to haunt him.

3/ Hornblow, enthusiastic wind farm supporter gives up the deputy mayoralty to avoid the wind farm fall out and ballooning city debt to devote himself to his earthquake prone church.
365,000 bricks, nothing to worry about.

4/ Chris Pepper, Wylie’s underling and gofor resigns as his pet alternative energy projects fail spectacularly. Pepper did all he could to push the wind farm on the city along with the fictitious eco-park.

Who will be the next to fall?