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Updated 13 February 2016

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The Turitea wind farm will wipe $100 million plus from Palmerston North city ratepayer equity. The London School of Economics has just released a draft report on property values affected by UK wind farms. This definitive, landmark survey covered 12 years and more than one million property transactions.

All criminals try to hide their faces. Kenderdine is no exception and Google has obliged by hilariously replacing her and others with a suggestive digital icon. Not that this matters in the least as the truth can not be erased by cowardly tactics. The images have been reinstated as of June 6, but just in case :

Mighty River Power plans to put back all the turbines which were removed. They are also asking for and will get a district plan change which will circumvent all noise conditions. Kenderdine knew all this.

Abraham Lincoln puts the New Zealand judiciary and government on notice

Abraham Lincoln

If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. -Speech at Clinton, Illinois, September 8, 1854.”



Ms Kenderdine who once worked for
Big Oil - BP NZ,
pockets over $400,000+
as a government sponsored
reward for screwing over the
environment and Palmerston
North and Tararua district ratepayers.
 Her fraudulent
Turitea Decision will go down
in the annals of New
Zealand judicial history as
a parallel to the conduct of the
infamously corrupt C19th
Maori Land Courts.

List of Turitea errors, omissions and lies.
Shonagh Kenderdine and Nick Smith's wind farm fraud - pocket the money and pretend you are a judge with a warrant - get the govt to spy on those who expose you - hide websites exposing this corruption.
The Turitea wind farm will wipe 10's of millions of dollars from the value of the approx 2,000 properties under the turbines. The government and its lackeys, Kenderdine and her sycophantic board, are nothing more than common thieves.
NEW ZEALAND is making a hash of its legal structures, tinkering with legislation and losing its reputation as a place where the legal system can be trusted to produce authoritative and internationally respected judgements, Tony Molloy, QC, said last week..............

Molloy said counsel would be in breach of their duty of care and exposed to claims of negligence were they to litigate in areas beyond their expertise. Yet judges often sit on cases they should not.
"What sort of madness has infected our legal system when what would be misconduct for a barrister becomes routine – and consequence-free – for a judge? It is certainly not consequence-free for the hapless litigant who gets seriously short-changed for his court filing and hearing fees."...................

Good riddance
Getting out while she can?

Tanguay global warming nutter, liar, peddler of wind farm fraud, dumped Mayor and self confessed Fabian, now off to "meddle" in sub tropical Auckland, leaves the city landscape to be mangled by the fraudulently consented Turitea wind farm and has the gall to say this as her parting shot. 

29 September 2013
A storm of protest has been whipped up by hundreds of people who claim their homes are being slashed in value by wind farms.
Some fear they have lost six-figure sums after failing to sell their property near imposing turbines.
Anti-wind farm campaigners and politicians claim they have been inundated with pleas for help from homeowners terrified about being left penniless.
Linda Holt, of Scotland Against Spin, said: “Estate agents are now advising those wanting to sell their homes to lower the price by 30%. Sadly, some find they cannot sell at all.”
Struan Stevenson MEP added: “Some homeowners are suicidal because their homes are worth a fraction of their original cost and many were counting on them for their pensions.
“The rush to make millions from wind farms is a cruel blow to homeowners whose only crime has been to live in the countryside.”
Mr Stevenson has put down an amendment to a bill going through the European Parliament to assess the impact of wind farms on house prices.
The development comes a week after we revealed the value of Boyd and Sally Sneddon’s exclusive Kintyre cottage has plummeted by £50,000 as a result of a planned wind farm half a mile away.

Notice to the New Zealand media and NZ visitors to this website. We have been told that links to have been disabled, most likely by the Government. 
This is the latest letter on the wind farm fraud. Contact us for additional information and supporting evidence if the links don't work.

Special report: Shake-up for judges

The blatant fraud committed by Kenderdine and her government minders is incontrovertible. The government has no answer to this corruption and the sooner it fesses up and rips up the phoney Turitea "consent" on the Wellington and Northern Ohariu fault lines, the better for us all.
Caveat emptor

The new owners of this house in Greens Road, when sold, will not get the confidential payout negotiated with Mighty River Power when the wind farm is built.

The compensation stays with the current owners. 

There are other properties similarly compromised. If you are a buyer then the agent you are dealing with is required by law to fully inform you.

No final photomontage of the 60 turbines or any infrastructure has ever been provided. You can easily guess why.                                    Click to enlarge

This website - unlike Kenderdine - is dedicated to  "the principal issues and findings of fact"  for the Turitea wind farm


The Government wants 193,000 major structures assessed within five years for earthquake safety. 

Shock in store for building owners with at-risk assets

But Mighty River Power's Turitea and Puketoi wind farms are right on the Wellington and Northern Ohariu and Wairarapa fault lines - line up suckers, they want your money

 Roly Ellis, Mayor, Tararua District Council, who shafted Pahiatua, to be an "honoured guest" at the 2013 New Zealand Wind Energy Conference

Update the link to Ellis has been deleted - no surprises there then!

Election promise
I have a genuine interest in the whole district and will implement a vision to enhance the whole of Tararua. Transparency and accountability to the people of the district underpins the implementation of the vision.

Energy Conference, 20 March 2013
Important technical paper on the impact of turbine noise 

 Google has been helping Kenderdine, but on the 3 March they gave up and tossed her under a bus. 

If she is not happy she has legal remedies available but surprise, surprise she appears very reluctant to sue.
Kenderdine, District Court Judge, once upon a time

Perfectly at home with bums, hucksters and fraudsters, who couldn't lie straight in bed, Kenderdine wrote this utter crap.
“Creating an environment where wind farm noise will be clearly noticeable at times of quiet 
background sound levels is not an option the Board condones, especially where large numbers of 
residents are affected. It is the Board's view that energy operations in New Zealand will have to learn 
not to place wind farms so close to residential communities if they are not prepared to accept 
constraints on noise limits under such conditions”.


Google is working with the NZ Government to hide corruption and fraud.- you probably first got this page -click to view.
Google's Code of Conduct - what a joke!
“Don’t be evil.” Googlers generally apply those words to how we serve our users. But “Don’t be evil” is much more than that. Yes, it’s about providing our users unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and giving them the best products and services that we can. But it’s also about doing the right thing more generally – following the law, acting honorably and treating each other with respect.
The Google Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put “Don’t be evil” into practice. It’s built around the recognition that everything we do in connection with our work at Google will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct

Happily the dopey letter by former city councillor Gordon Cruden to the Standard 26 January is as worthless as the Turitea "consent". There's something he doesn't know. BIG GRIN. 
Note to the Financial Marketing Authority and James Miller on the boards of both the FMA and MRP (conflict of interest, surely not?), will the Turitea "consent" be sold as a package along with the Brooklyn Bridge to investors?
Do your bit to help Mighty River Power!!
Kenderdine- redefining the term "criminal justice"

Tennessee Supreme Court  1835 Floyd v. Goodwin,

The Kenderdine Kaligraphy Klub -the perfect meeting place for "consenting" adults.

Update December 7th 2012


The government's legal advisors, the Ministry of Justice, former Environment Minister, Nick Smith, the NZWEA, Mighty River Power and its legal advisors, the EPA, are all in on this state sponsored fraud. 
They all knew Kenderdine, on August 6 2010, permanently ceased to be a judge able to issue a legally binding decision. That's 6 months before the Draft Decision and 13 months before the Final Decision was issued.
They did not expect to get caught!!
But hey, from now on anyone can be a judge, after all with this abuse of law NZ in effect has no laws, so anything goes!
So will Kenderdine be paying back the huge money she took for 13 months when she faked being a judge? Enquiring minds want to know.

Tired of your current job? Low pay?  Earning less than $400k pa? Have to follow irksome rules and regulations?
Well, you can be your own boss and do whatever you like.
Calling all potential Environment judges
·        Stuff your face at will
·        Urinate on whoever you like
·        Make lasting friends with politicians and sniff their butts
·        Have fun!
Click here for a typical training session to see how you fit in.

Kenderdine puts a curse on Palmerston North

UPDATE 27 November           
Commissioners David Bunting and John Hudson have been reported to their respective associations, IPENZ and NZILA for professional misconduct in the Turitea Decision. Will IPENZ and NZILA whitewash their gross negligence? We will keep you posted. In the meantime LEADR has disappeared Kenderdine's name from the search function on their website - hiding her is an entirely novel approach to dispute resolution, but she's still there.
UPDATE 17 November
 Shonagh Kenderdine is a member of the Resource Management Law Association (RMLA) It was established in October 1992 to provide a forum for all professionals and others with an interest in resource management and the environment in New Zealand.
The object of the Association is to promote within New Zealand:
  1. An understanding of resource management law and its implementation in a multi-disciplinary framework
  2. Excellence in resource management policy and practice.
  3. Resource management processes which are legally sound, effective and efficient and which produce high quality environmental outcomes.

Shonagh Kenderdine flouted objects 1, 2 and 3.These fundamental guiding principles, like her judicial oath and the Turitea Board of Inquiry Protocols are not worth the paper they are written on

OK, Shonagh, it’s way past time to wake up to your responsibilities.
No legal action has been taken to shut down this exposé. “Why?” you may ask. It’s simple, because everything revealed on this and its two sister websites linked above is completely true. 

UPDATE 10 November

The following is a stunning statement by Kenderdine in the Turitea Final Decision. It is a tacit admission that her decision is as corrupt as the noise standard NZS6808 2010 and a pathetically lame attempt to cover her backside. Furthermore it demonstrates a level of self belief and delusion worthy of clinical assessment.

“Creating an environment where wind farm noise will be clearly noticeable at times of quiet 
background sound levels is not an option the Board condones, especially where large numbers of 
residents are affected. It is the Board‟s view that energy operations in New Zealand will have to learn 
not to place wind farms so close to residential communities if they are not prepared to accept 
constraints on noise limits under such conditions”.

PNCC is in a hopeless bind. It has successfully supported the victims of Te Rere Hau wind farm noise but will not be able to do so when Turitea blights the city and hundreds of properties - and here's why. Kenderdine knew this full well, but when you're on a mission for Gaia "to save the planet" "It became necessary to destroy the town to save it"

Nick Smith, a global warming fanatic with no scruples about wrecking the NZ economy by continuing with ludicrous Kyoto obligations, appointed Kenderdine to run the Turitea call in. He lied about the reasons for the call in and knew full well the Turitea wind farm is on two major fault lines, but that's OK - his PhD topic? - New Zealand landslides. 

Well, you can stop laughing now, except for those of you who don't live in Palmerston North or don't plan to buy shares in Mighty River Power.
 UPDATE  9 November
New valuations for Palmerston North are out. "Do it for the children," wind farmer, Joseph Poff, laughably claimed in his May 2011 submission that he had consent for a 4 lot subdivision right under 40 story turbines, but where is it? As you can see for yourself  it does not show up on the PNCC website. His polite neighbours made heartfelt pleas to Kenderdine for justice but these fell on deaf ears. However, if you own a restored Wairarapa villa "within its curtilage" then you're in like a robber's dog.
UPDATE 3 November
Britain fights back

UPDATE 2 November
John Droz, Jr, Physicist, 24 October 2012, exposes the hucksters and fraudsters in the wind energy business conning the public and dimwitted politicians and judges. Twenty bad things about wind energy
UPDATE 1 November
The United Kingdom to greatly restrict onshore wind farms. Environmental, infrasound, visual and property value impacts to be the subject of wide ranging and no doubt very damaging investigation. Communities will be put first." The good news came yesterday in the form of some very forthright words from John Hayes, the Coalition’s new minister at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. “We can no longer have wind turbines imposed on communities. I can’t single-handedly build a new Jerusalem but I can protect our green and pleasant land,” he stirringly declared, adding: “I’m saying enough is enough.”  The case for wind farms all but lost  Hundreds of threatened communities BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE
UPDATE 30 October
Mighty River Power has two substations on top of the Tararuas next to the Turitea Reserve and the city's water catchment AND right on the Wellington and Northern Ohariu fault lines. Watch this video of four transformers in New York exploding during tropical cyclone Sandy. Kenderdine was told of the danger but ignored it.

UPDATE 29 October
NZ Windfarms still trying to "flog off "a dead horse - how about Mighty River Power buy this mess and pull it down, then it will be abundantly clear where the infrasound, noise nuisance and destruction of amenity and property values comes from - Turitea.
UPDATE 23 October
We all knew that wind farms wreck property values and that the victims' equity is transferred to the wind farm owners. A new Canadian study provides incontrovertible PROOF
UPDATE 10 October
The Environment Court has ruled that wind turbines must be at a minimum of 700 metres from a neighbouring property's boundary. This is a very significant development. Now that, mercifully, Gaia's high priestess, nutter Shonagh Kenderdine, is no longer an Environment Court Judge, the environment and those who live near proposed wind farms have a greater degree of protection from corrupt wind farm applications and global warming fascists. DETAILS HERE
UPDATE 29 September
Shonagh Kenderdine must resign from the Historic Places Trust. She has denigrated the Judicial and political process. Full details HERE
UPDATE 28 September
Local wind farmers express their views, Poff and a neighbour
UPDATE 8 September 
Shonagh Kenderdine tramples on the mauri and mana of Huatau Marae but appropriates the term mauri for her own purposes here . You can see her lurking in the background to the left here.
Where there's muck there's money and where there's money there's Kenderdine
UPDATE 28 August
Letter to the Guardian 16th August
The Guardian on line
The "authorities" put their foot on the throat of the Guardian for accepting this truthful letter.
UPDATE 4 August
Turitea and Puketoi corruption exposed. They don't want you to see This or This
UPDATE 2 August

Joseph Poff, Palmerston North, wrote this particularly nasty letter (see below) to the Guardian newspaper, circulation 38,000. In it he makes a personal attack on his long suffering neighbours who have rightly won a case against NZ Wind Farms limited, but he does not reveal his true motives, as he has approved 40 story 3MW turbines on his land immediately above a large number of city ratepayers. This letter exposes the naked greed and selfishness of those involved in Mighty River Power's Turitea wind farm disaster, a disaster approved using fraud and corruption. 

The letter is also indicative of the divisive impact the Turitea wind farm is having on our community. Poff is by his own account a wealthy man with, believe it or not, a 4 lot subdivision for sale, right under the turbines on his land, part of a cluster of 33. After viewing the videos on infrasound on this website - see below - you can speculate as to what these blocks are really worth.

THE GUARDIAN, Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wind farm whingeing                     

Not many residents on the Pahiatua Track            
make noise complaints. Lorraine Kells and
Lee Huffman (Guardian, July 12) are contri-
butors   to  the   hundreds   of     incessant
complaints to PNCC from a few households
yet they live so far away (2.5km) from [the
wind turbines]? I live 1.1km from them.
    They objected to the Turitea Wind Farm
(Palmerston North ratepayers’ wind farm) on
account of their diminished “amenity value”.
It seems that they believe that land upon
which they look is in effect theirs. They live
in large houses on elevated sites so that is a
lot of land they look upon.
    The Court decision did not validate their
complaints, as claimed, because none of the
surrounding    noise-measuring      stations
detected excessive noise levels. Are their
complaints justified simply because they
complain so often? They seem to think so.
    The   PNCC   has   cost   the ratepayers
millions through opposing wind farms in our     
area, driving away jobs and investment in the
process. We are all sick of ever-rising rates
We live in a very windy environment, we
must switch to renewable energy. We need
more jobs and climate change demands
action not whingeing.
                                   JOSEPH POFF
                                   Pahiatua Track

Dr. Nina Pierpont interviews

Falmouth, Massachusetts, has become Ground Zero for the global fight over stupidly placed industrial wind turbines. Many people in Falmouth are reporting classic WTS symptoms; our website is loaded with their stories and their pleas to “turn off the damn turbines”!
In September 2011, Dr. Pierpont went to Falmouth and spent days interviewing victims. The interviews are riveting. If you read or listen to nothing else on this website, be sure you watch these.

Mark Cool

Annie Hart Cool

Neil Andersen

Betsy Andersen

John Ford

John Hudson
"The practice remains independent
of commercial interests........
free of conflicts of interest"

Where are these commissioners who sold out the city?
Chris Shenton, Putiki Marae Wanganui 
Chris Shenton
John Hudson - Hawkes Bay see

 Chris Shenton, Ngati Apa
“A key issue was timing – getting the putea in the bank"

UPDATE 27 July
Earthquakes right under the newly approved Puketoi wind farm. Looks like more earthquake deniers have joined the farcical Shonagh Kenderdine
UPDATE 26 July
Te Rere Hau breaches its resource consent. Complaints over excessive noise are vindicated.
Wind farm noise - a neighbour fights back
How the noise standard NZS6808 2010 was "created"
Opinion: The Te Rere Hau CEO claimed he was not accountable to the public
Professor Philip Dickinson - told the commissioners the noise predictions were wrong. " They didn't listen." Since Kenderdine's corrupt kangaroo court deliberately didn't listen either - they were paid not to, Mighty River Power's social and environmental disaster, Turitea, is certain to be dragged before the courts.

The original post under this heading was hacked and deleted by persons unknown on 20th June 2012 . This shows how desperate the corrupt wind industry is to hide the fraud on the NZ public as Mighty River Power is about to be sold off. International investment houses, Fidelity and Blackrock, have visited this website as part of their due diligence. 

The Turitea wind farm has been approved in a totally corrupt manner by former Judge Shonagh Kenderdine, a global warming fanatic, on the Wellington and Northern Ohariu fault lines.

See page 58 of the earthquake and liquefaction report for Palmerston North city. The Northern Ohariu fault alone can generate a shallow 7.2 magnitude earthquake - right under an approved substation!

Kenderdine is a fool who literally believes the world will end in 2040. See page 19 in this presentation to the 2012 NZ Wind Energy Conference where she methodically and maliciously describes how to screw a community.

 Kenderdine is in the pocket of the wind industry. Though retired here she is pulling rank in her judicial robes at their 2012 conference. She is said to have pocketed around $400,000 + of the more than $2 million spent on the Turitea Call-In.

The industry is desperate that you do not see this website and follow the links to highly embarrassing documents.

Approximately 10% of Palmerston North is under or near the Turitea wind farm. Palmerston North and Tararua residents will face infrasound from the wind farm and this will drive people from their homes. This expose was shown on South Australian television in early June 2012. Share this link. By devaluing one part of the city the rest will follow suit.

Research infrasound here

 Infrasound is not heard, it is felt. Infrasound holds a terrible secret in its silent roar. Infrasound produces varied physiological sensations which begin as vague “irritations”. At certain pitch, infrasound produces physical pressure. At specific low intensity, fear and disorientation. Nazi propaganda engineers methodically used infrasound to stir up the hostilities of crowds who were gathered to hear their madman. The results are historical nightmares.
Important new report on wind farm noise July 2012

Today Tonight Follow up to Wind Farm Report

Wind Energy, Noise Pollution 
Living near wind turbines can be hazardous to your health.
Listen Here

Major noise issues in Australia
The earlier posts on this website record the battle to protect residents and the environment in Palmerston North City and the Tararua  District.

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