Would you put this in your water supply and last remaining native forest ?

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Algal bloom , upper Turitea dam January 2006
(note, almost no city resident until now has seen this shocking image )

The Algal bloom can be prevented in the following ways:-
1) Algae need three things for optimal growth: light, nutrients and high temperatures. Therefore, By Lowering the nutrients, light and temperature available to the blue-green algae in the water supply will help reduce algal growth. The speed at which water is flowing and mixing is important in controlling light and nutrient availability to algal cells.
2) Keeping livestock away from the farm dam or water supply.3) Avoiding run-off into water supply from fertilizers and pesticides
4) Taking some water treatment measures BEFORE a bloom starts; and if practical - changing mixing patterns or covering the dam/water supply to screen out light may help.

Approximately 250 acres of Ngawai farm earmarked for turbines drains into the Turitea catchment.

Now just add in a wind farm and stir. Really, just how can PNCC be so cavalier about our water supply ? The integrity of our water supply must have the highest priority. It should not be for sale, nor should the high value bush in the water catchment with taonga bird species be jeopardised at any price. To do so is deeply offensive to responsible and thoughtful Maori and Pakeha.
December 2, 2008

A 262 foot wind tower northwest of Bloomfield Nebraska burst into flames. Officials say three men were injured in the fire. One was sent by Life Flight to Sioux City with extensive burns.

Fire in The Netherlands, October 31, 2006
Fire at Hancock County, Iowa, wind facility, Oct. 3, 2007 - from Arian Schuessler, Mason City Globe Gazette
Above picture : the c400 litres of oil from the gearbox can catch fire and fall to the ground while burning, setting fire to vegetation.
Search the net and you will find numerous examples of turbines on fire.
Turbine fire at Ewington wind farmAccording to fire chief John Garmer, the wind turbine had a "ball of flame" on top when firefighters arrived at the scene. ...The fire was located at the six-turbine Ewington Wind Farm, the same site where a wind generator burned two months ago.
May 30, 2008 in Daily Globe
Smoke pours from the top and bottom of one of the wind turbines at the Ewington Wind Farm near the Heron Lake exit north of Interstate 90 Wednesday (Mar 26) morning. The Brewster and Okabena Fire Departments responded to the scene, but upon the advice of Suzlon Wind Energy officials, the fire was allowed to burn itself out. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)
A short movie of a Wind Turbine on fire in Wulfshagen/Germany on May 16th, 2005. This fire is just one of many in the same location. Fire fighters can only wait helplessly on the ground and let these fires burn out. Even wind farmer John Love , who has posted a comment under the nickname of "Lofty" , admits turbines catch fire.

A portuguese turbine burns spectacularly earlier in 2008.
This is a must see
Many more here:
But wait there's more. On Browns flat there is a substation with two transformers containing 60,000 litres of oil each ( MRP documentation is confusing as it states up to 100,000 litre capacity, depending on which page you care to look at ). Browns flat is the headwaters of the Turitea catchment. Watch a transformer explode and burst into flames here. This has already happened at Te Apiti when there was a power surge. Provision is made by MRP in its plans for an oil spill with the construction of what is known as bunding ( dykes ) so they anticipate "accidents" but this type of calamity will do more than pour oil on troubled drinking water as you can see in this youtube clip. ( Note, all video clips can be full screen for better viewing )
A transformer failure that burnt for days spreading its toxic load far and wide.
Another transformer on fire.
Plenty more transformer/substation fires here:
So who is willing to risk
incinerating the Tararua ranges within the city boundary, putting the environment, our water supply
and life and property at risk ?
Well no thinking person would. After all this is a university city isn't it ?

Washing turbines (with detergent)
Should add a distinctive flavour to the city's water supply.
The wind at the top of the Tararua Ranges is particularly turbulent. Look at what has happened elsewhere.

The relatively new turbine below simply folded and collapsed. Steel exposed to the elements eventually rusts and develops stress fractures. Photostream here:

Electrical energy demand likely to decrease as the world faces a severe economic contraction.

NOVEMBER 21, 2008 Surprise Drop in Power Use Delivers Jolt to Utilities

An unexpected drop in U.S. electricity consumption has utility companies worried that the trend isn't a byproduct of the economic downturn, and could reflect a permanent shift in consumption that will require sweeping change in their industry. Numbers are trickling in from several large utilities that show shrinking power use by households and businesses in pockets across the country. Utilities have long counted on sales growth of 1% to 2% annually in the U.S., and they created complex operating and expansion plans to meet the needs of a growing population. [...] The data are early and incomplete, but if the trend persists, it could ripple through companies' earnings and compel major changes in the way utilities run their businesses. Utilities are expected to invest $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion by 2030 to modernize their electric systems and meet future needs, according to an industry-funded study by the Brattle Group. However, if electricity demand is flat or even declining, utilities must either make significant adjustments to their investment plans or run the risk of building too much capacity. That could end up burdening customers and shareholders with needless expenses. To be sure, electricity use fluctuates with the economy and population trends. But what has executives stumped is that recent shifts appear larger than others seen previously, and they can't easily be explained by weather fluctuations. They have also penetrated the most stable group of consumers -- households.

The Turitea wind factory is potentially an extremely expensive white elephant.


concerned resident said...

Ministry of Health guidelines require water reserves to have a Risk Management Plan because they consider prevention is best practice rather than removal of contaminents from drinking water. The Public Health Risk Management Plan for water catchments requires strict controls on entry and earthworks to prevent contamination by cryptosporidium, giardia and other nasties that are difficult to remove with turbidity from earthworks. Murphy's Law states that if anything is going to go wrong it will go wrong in a water supply. Why is PNCC taking this risk with the water supply, i.e. being in partnership with Mighty River Power to allow wind turbines in the reserve? It is absolute madness considering the miniscule contribution it will make to power supplies and the massive devaluation of residential property.

Palmerston North said...

We agree with your comments. Did you also know that around 250 acres on privately owned farm land carrying a load of fecal matter drains into the water catchment area? This has contributed to an algal bloom which can never be eradicated. This matter has been reported in the Manawatu Standard. This land is also earmarked for wind turbines. Can you imagine a city anywhere so willing to compromise its water supply ??

The other issues you raise are compounded by the real risk of fire and collapsing turbines. The ridgeline above the dams in the reserve is higher than that of Tararua 3 where the turbines there are falling to pieces. The traffic from Vestas vans loaded with workers is significant. Allied workforce is sending men there every day when the wind dies down to help with the constant repairs. At Tararua 3 there is no problem for men to relieve themselves as it's farm land. But in our water catchment !!??
By kowtowing to central government PNCC is derelict in its duty to its own citizens. Take a look at the oblgations Council has under the Local Government Act 2002. PNCC has been ignoring them.

crickey mate said...

Does this mean if there is a construction site in the Turitea Reserve water area I can go mountain biking up there? There will be awesome roads to bike on - fantastic for a student city. Right now you cant get into that reserve area.

Palmerston North said...

Indeed you won't ever be able to go into the reserve. Even now Chubb Security are guarding the entrance off the top of the Pahiatua track 24 / 7. The reserve will become an industrial site but the only access will be for construction crews and the van loads of maintenance and repair men as can be seen at Tararua 3. You have to remember that these turbines are rich men's toys and you won't be allowed anywhere near them.
Professor David Bellamy, celebrated environmentalist, conservationist and author summed it up well in a letter to the Sunday Telegraph.

"It is time we all realized that the only real beneficiaries from wind farms are the commercial organisations that build them, and the few politicians seeking to make unsound environmental gestures to be seen to be doing 'something. The losers are the energy consumers who fund the subsidies, local residents and local businesses, the elderly, the young and the lowly paid, tourists and ramblers, plus the bird and animal habitat and life that is destroyed."

As you are unaware of the true situation it should not surprise you that this is deliberate policy. For example this stunning statement was made by former Mayor Tanguay on November 21, 2006 and published in the Manawatu Standard .

"Mayor Heather Tanguay said she did not agree there has been a lack of information about the wind farm proposal."

“I think the information (available) has been very substantial.”

She ommitted
1/the number of turbines
2/their size
3/their location
4/where the so called "Eco Park" was.

The result was that the electorate ommitted to re-elect her.

Earlier this year Council heard submissions on a bylaw which will permanently exclude the public from the Turitea Reserve, so no, you won't be swimming or boating on the dams, nor will you be going on guided walks to the edge of the dams, or staying in a lodge beneath the turbines, or abseiling off the dams, or mountain biking, or horse trekking. Those were lies concocted by a small group of PNCC staff and I'm really sorry if you were mislead in that way.

concerned resident said...

Who were the councillors who voted to change the status of Turitea Reserve to allow Mighty River Power's obscene project to progress? How could they be so stupid and naive to jepodize the water supply and exacerbate the decline in value of residential property in and around Palmerston North?

Palmerston North said...

Hi, here is the answer to your question.
The following enlightened Councillors recognised the dire implications of the wind farm and voted against it.

Lew Findlay.
Anne Podd.
Phil Etheridge.

These Councillors voted for the wind farm despite massive opposition from the public. ( 2/3rds of the submissions to the Turitea change of purpose were opposed ) Since the revelations by Mighty River Power as to the true extent of their bizzare plan to subjugate our water supply to the whoosh and thump of a giant outdoor factory, to rape the landscape and tip property values off a cliff, one can only come to the generous conclusion that these Councillors who voted in favour were hoodwinked.

Alison Wall.
Peter Claridge.
Marilyn Craig.
Gordon Cruden.
Vaughan Dennison.
John Hornblow.
Jim Jefferies.
Pat Kelly.
Jono Naylor.
Lynne Pope.
Adrian Broad.
Ian Cruden.
Heather Tanguay.

Obviously none of the above either knew or understood their legal obligations to protect ratepayers under the Local Government Act 2002.

"Purpose of Local Government
This is defined in the Local Government Act 2002 section 10 as being -

(a) to enable democratic decision-making and action by, and on behalf of, communities; and

(b) to promote the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of communities, in the present and in the future."

"The Act is designed to provide democratic and effective local government that recognises the diversity of New Zealand communities. It aims to accomplish this by giving local authorities more general powers and more flexibility to decide what they will do and how.

To balance this empowerment, the legislation promotes local accountability, with local authorities accountable to their communities for decisions taken.

The Act also enables local authorities to play a broad role in promoting community well-being, taking a sustainable development approach."

Note the requirement for accountability and promotion of community well-being.

So how can you do the above by marginalising and disenfranchising 10% of those who live in the city ???

The decision had already been taken to partner with Mighty River Power to build a wind farm prior to the phony consultation with the public. A contract had already been signed. To make matters even worse a secret agreement was signed by Council staff after the full Council decision was made to change the purpose of the reserve / build a wind farm which states that PNCC will take whatever measures are deemed necessary to ensure the project went ahead. They must have been getting advice from Putin.